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August 1, 2007


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Property developer and designer Timothy de Rosen and his wife Elena Lachuer had a unique idea in their minds when they bought the plot in feudal Portals Vells in 2004. “We wanted to create something different from the typical house and interior design in Mallorca.” And they have certainly succeeded.The house was constructed between 2005 and 2006, everything, meaning every minute detail has been painstakingly planned: “I am a perfectionist. You could even call me fanatic. Everything is correct here. We even used a water-level to check every inch of the walls, to make sure that all were totally even.”And it is not only the walls which are even. Clear, straight lines – which create a somewhat cool and airy atmosphere – abound in the house. “That is intentional. We wanted to limit the house to the essential. And the essential thing here is the sea view. When you are in the house, you should feel that you are on the sea, like being on a boat far away from the island.”

The minimalistic style is especially impressive on the spiral staircase, a real work of art. Tim designed it himself and had it built by a Mallorcan expert. “It was very difficult to build the staircase to perfection.” The dream of a glass banister burst to pieces three times before they achieved a stable construction. “Glass is just not made to be used in spiral form but our persistence paid-off and now it is one of the main features of the house.” Once you climb the stairs, the next highlight lies in wait: an impressive gallery with black parquet flooring from pickled oak-wood. From here, you enter the master bedroom with its lounge, table and breath-taking sea view. The adjoining master bathroom is also in keeping with the style of the house.

Elena particularly enjoyed being able to introduce her own style. “One does not only have one taste. I thoroughly enjoy furnishing houses.” After all, Elena went to the prestigious Inchbald School for Design and has outfitted houses in London and Paris as well as Mallorca. Together, they reached an agreement on the design and style of the open plan living area with an integrated kitchen on the ground floor.

Here again, there is a divergence with tradition. The floor – extravagantly made from slate – is black and cool. Hence the Bordeaux red open kitchen – by Italian kitchen designer Dada – is a real eye catcher. Tim’s perfectionism is palpable. Everything has its place, its order. It’s Elena who bestows some warmth upon this cool living area: “I love flowers. But it’s a pity that exotic flowers are so difficult to get on the island.”The grey sofa is extra large and the view invites you to dream. Even though the house is cool, the view of the Mediterranean will certainly warm your heart. Sea, as far as the eye can see, if you will. Elena and Tim have achieved what they wanted, a unique design which profits from its advantages position on the waters edge.

And I must confess – I love it!

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