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Interior Design Shop Santa María

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May 29, 2012


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When you step inside 19 you get the feeling of coming home. The sofas are decked out with feathered cushions, candles burn brightly and the kitchen table beckons invitingly to sit and pass the time flicking through catalogues and fabric samples while sipping hot chocolate and indulging in creamy ensaimadas. A ¨home from home¨ is the concept which Antonia Crespí has graciously managed to achieve in a house, which has taken decades of love, and affection to evolve into the lifestyle store it represents today.

Antonia is well accustomed to the world of antiques, furniture and rare pieces having studied History of Art and completed a master with Sotheby’s in London.

Initially she opened a present and soft furnishings shop in Plaza Cort in Palma and shortly afterwards a second in Plaza Major, gaining lots of experience and a growing number of satisfied clients before opened her flagship store in Santa Maria.

How difficult it must be for an interior designer to interpret each client’s vision of what home means to him or her. Antonia agrees, “This is the key to a successful relationship with a client. An interior designer’s job is to translate into reality the person’s feeling of what home means to them, mixed with some basic rules of design and lots of good taste.”

An eye for style and good taste is what Antonia offers coupled with the fact that 19 sells top quality furniture at much lower prices than many of the other high quality interior shops on the island. “Our prices are Spanish prices, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice quality or choice you just need to know where to find what you are looking for on the island”.

Losing your heart in 19 is easy as you wander from room to room, allured by the individual charm and style which can easily be adapted to contemporary homes as well as traditional rustic fincas.

You can sense Antonia’s love for her work and in particular her pride in achieving the opening of 19. Antonia’s enthusiasm and dedication to helping clients find the perfect pieces to create their vision of home, is for sure, her heart´s delight.

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