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From Lights to Interior Design

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May 29, 2012


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The eye-catcher in the small shop is a light. But it’s not an ordinary light, it’s a large light object in gold, designed by Catellani and prominently put on stage by Nicole Krämer. Catellani is a famous Italian light designer, whose exceptional objects fascinate those passing by and regulary attract people to step into this oasis of lights. The young owner is not just selling lights and decoration, she is living her profession. Born in Saarland, Germany, she came to Mallorca four years ago. She used to work with her former husband in his own management consultancy. There and then she didn’t have a lot of contact with the customers and even less with sales. She was specialising in organisation and consultancy. Today she is still organising and consulting, but needs to sell her service and her products first. Nicole Krämer has opened her second shop in Puerto de Andratx in the meantime. Her first shop is on the other side of the yacht harbour and is mainly used as exhibition space. The second was opened in the Avenida Gabriel Roca, a small shop which is just big enough to get an idea of her work.

The first three years haven’t been easy. Initially, she wanted to run her own business and it had to be lights as she had always been passionate about it and she saw a demand for extraordinary, modern design in Mallorca. Thanks to the help of a professional “Gestoria” the formalities required to realise her business idea where sorted out smoothly. Her personal background seemed to be perfect. She had studied business administration and had enough experience in running her own business.

The icing on the cake, however, was the idea with the lights, as Nicole managed to make her passion her profession.

Friends had already asked her for her advice regarding interior design and decoration when she was still working in management consultancy. From lights she quickly expanded to other decoration and furnishing as her clients liked her ideas and listened to her advice. Nicole’s business is driven by customer demand and apart from 10 to 15 light design companies she is offering the products of around 20 selected furniture and accessories companies. The year 2007 started quite promising. But the first 3 years were quite rough, especially the winter 2005/2006. There were hardly any walk-in customers and even less orders.

However, instead of falling into resignation, Nicole Krämer pulled up her sleeves, loaded her products into her car and visited her clients. The customers honoured her initiative and this winter she has a few houses to furnish and decorate. Word-to-mouth works well and she event got orders to decorate houses in Germany from clients who wanted to have their main house at home just as beautiful as their second home in Mallorca. She loves her work but it needs a lot of flexibility and tireless dedication. Closing time? Maybe, if no customer calls. Nicoles customers have time to care for their home mainly on the weekends and thus for her.

The dynamic owner of Chloe is sure that a similar shop concept would not work in Germany. But here on the island she is Catellani’s best selling client. She says that customer loyalty is very high on the island and the profile of her customers resembles her own. Interior design is a question of personal taste and Chloe’s clients will only get advice, in which the owner herself believes. Her own house is changing constantly. White walls are boring. The large, painted bamboo plant seems to embrace the sofa and puts it optically into a natural outdoor surrounding. Another Catellani-Object is decorating the wall, which is held in black Venetian stucco. Stucco is also a very important element in the other rooms of the 150 sqm house. The furniture is held in soft colours, the large mirror has a golden frame, but the highlights are the chests of drawers, which were carefully painted creating marble effects and a shiny surface.

Her business strategy for the future is demand-driven: her clients are looking for a full service provider rather than individual objects. Therefore, Nicole is collaborating with the kitchen design studio Birgit Müller and a couple of interior designers. The most important thing is to provide high quality service from beginning to end. Chloe offers it all and even fills the pantry if the client requests it.

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