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Your own Little Love Nest

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May 23, 2012


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Add an arty atmosphere, cobbled streets, cute coffee shops, cocktail bars and first class restaurants and you have the perfect place to spend quality time with the person you love.

House hunters wanting a love nest on the island will surely fall for Mola Azul, a new luxury apartment located in Puerto de Andratx, just over a kilometre from the village. It is part of a small development of only 25 apartments, which have a community pool right next to the sea.

The featured apartment has been built with high quality materials in a very contemporary style.

Those who love to socialize will enjoy its spacious living and dining area with its open plan kitchen designed by Miele, and its central bar/breakfast island.

Next to the kitchen there is a separate laundry room which is a must for the romantic soul who knows that seeing dirty laundry scattered around the apartment could be an instant romance killer.

Huge glass doors divide the living room from the large main terrace, where it would be possible to dine al fresco for most of the year, From the terrace one can see the port, the entrance to the port and the sea. The stunning views are bound to enchant the owners from sunrise to sunset, offering a kaleidoscope of colour and interest.

A corridor leads to the four bedroom and four bathrooms, two of which are en suite. One of the bedrooms has been decorated as a fitness room. Two of the bedrooms have access to a lateral terrace, one of which has a Jacuzzi. So…

All that this special apartment needs now is two great people and two glasses of good champagne and the scene is set.

If you are not in the property market but would still like to make your flat or villa more romantic this Valentine’s Day, then remember that one of the most romantic things you can do for the person you love is make your home a welcoming and enchanting place to come back to.

Try these expert tips to increase the romance factor in your home.

  • Colour me beautiful. Red is the colour of love and ideal for a Valentine’s Day theme. Red netting draped over your bed, red cushions and roses send out just the right “love-me” vibes. But, for everyday living you need to decorate in colours that work well for you. Pastels, creams, gold and silver create an air of romance and are easy to live with. Always use colours that flatter your skin tone in your bedroom and bathroom.
  • Make your bed. Everyone loves a luxurious well-made bed with crisp sheets and plump pillows. Make your bedroom a sanctuary where you can relax and focus on your partner. Change the colour of your bedding to match the season and create new interest. Avoid distracting elements like briefcases, computers, laundry baskets etc.
  • Express yourself. Have a blackboard in the kitchen for romantic messages or buy fridge magnet letters to make up silly love poems. Leave love notes in unexpected places or fill glass bowls with heaps of your lover’s favourite sweetie treat.
  • Scent your home. Perfume your home like you perfume your body. Use scents that are evocative and put you in a happy mood. As one can get accustomed to a smell, it is best to change your perfumes with the seasons. The richer winter scents, such and cinnamon and vanilla, should be replaced with fresher summery fragrances. Scented candles combine smell and light. Fresh flowers not only look gorgeous, but scent your home in a natural way.
  • Set the scene. Is Venice the most romantic place you ever visited? Consider having a Trompe l’Oeil of some personal scene. Happy photos in gorgeous frames also help to keep romance in mind
  • Light up your life. It is hard to seduce someone with neon strip lighting. Low lighting creates an atmosphere so replace all 100 and 75 watt light bulbs with soft 40 watt bulbs and install dimmer switches.

The featured property was on the market at the time of going to print for €1.55 Million. There were also two three-bedroom apartments still for sale in the development (starting from 1,400,000 Euros) and two two-bedroom apartments (750,000 Euros). For up-to-date information see their website.

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